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Handcrafted Porcelain


I live in the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland.  The bush, the coastline and beaches in this environment have a major influence on the pots I make.  I have also been influenced by the simple elegant pots made in 13th century China during the Sung Dynasty.
Porcelain is my clay of choice.    It has qualities that appeal to my senses  -  its purity enhances the colour clarity in glazes and its translucency adds mystery in different lighting situations.  My pots generally are based on the traditional vessel form.
Bowls, boxes, vases and bottles are the pots I like to make.  I use a variety of techniques - wheelwork, press moulds, slabs and slip casting.  Patterns are carved, imprinted and pierced onto the surface when leatherhard and bisqued when dry.  Pots are then glazed in a matt-white effect and airbrushed with oxide washes before electric firing to 1260 degrees Celsius.
I use lustres on a satin-finish glaze on some of my pots for other decorative effects.
I also recycle the fragments of my unsuccessful and broken pots to make mosaic mirror frames.

My work is currently available at :
Northland:    (Smashed) Pipi Gallery,  Mangawhai.
                       Gallery Helena Bay,  Helena Bay, Northland.

Auckland:     West Coast Gallery, Piha, West Auckland.
                      The Fantail House, Parnell Road, Auckland.


Telephone:  09 814 9701
Other websites:




Single-spiral Porcelain Bowl (pierced) - 33cm

   Blue/gold lustre Vase, Bowl and Box
 Vase, Bowl and Box 
Mother-of-pearl, dark blue & gold lustres

Group of 5 Bowls (pierced)

Three small bowls (plain)

Altered shallow bowl (pierced)

  Grey/white Sphere, Box and Bowl (pierced)
 Sphere, Box and Bowl (pierced)
Mosaic mirror
Green Mosaic Mirror

Blue Mosaic Mirror


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